Bobby & Myrtle Session Scholarship

The Session family has established this scholarship fund to assist graduating high school seniors Mercer, Lawrence and Crawford counties. Consistent with the professional and personal pursuits of Bobby and Myrtle Session. The scholarship committee will place emphasis on applications that demonstrate:

  • A relationship to Construction and General Laborers Local #964
  • Interest in the nursing profession
  • Participation in athletics
  • Demonstrated financial need
    The family hopes the scholarship support will assist and inspire the recipients to not only succeed in their educational efforts, but to also offer their time, talents, skill and resources to support others along their life’s journey. Bobby & Myrtle exhibited and instilled in their family a life approach of treating others as you would like to be treated along with a sense of responsibility to get involved and make a difference because…if not you then who? Helping scholarship recipients do well by doing good, is a fitting way to carry forward the memory of Bobby and Myrtle Session.

Supplemental Questions
  1. If Applicable - Please provide the name of the Construction and General Laborers Local # 964 member in good standing.
  2. If Applicable - What is your relationship with the Construction and General Laborer Local # 964 member?