David Veverka Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is in honor of Staff Sergeant David Michael Veverka who was killed in Iraq on May 6, 2006 by a roadside bomb. David, a 1999 graduate of Jamestown, joined the United States Army upon graduation and served with the Old Guard in Arlington National Cemetery for three years. Upon leaving active service, David joined the Maine Army National Guard and served with the mountain infantry as he attended the University of Maine as a Wildlife Ecology student. Three months before graduation, David was deployed to Iraq with his National Guard unit to provide convoy security in and around Baghdad. When a bomb struck their vehicle on May 6th, Staff Sergeant Veverka, the mission’s commander, pulled a fellow soldier to safety as he was killed by the blast. He was awarded the Bronze Star with a V for Valor and his Wildlife Ecology degree posthumously. Staff Sergeant David Michael Veverka is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
This fund was established to honor the memory of Army Staff Sergeant David Veverka. The fund will provide a scholarship to an eligible high school senior attending a Mercer County High School and one to a Jamestown Area High School Senior. The graduating senior must be pursuing a post-secondary education. 

Supplemental Questions
  1. We can only enjoy the many freedoms our country provides because of the service and sacrifice of the men and women - both past and present - who protect this nation from harm. As you begin your college career, how will you remember and honor this selfless commitment from ou fellow citizens?